KXR-L2 Assembly manual (English)

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KXR - L2 is a standard humanoid robot. By moving 16 servos of the whole body freely, expressive motions can be played. Also, in the sample program, we have various motions such as walking motion, greetings, pushups, punches, so you can move the robot immediately after assembly.


Servo: 16 axis (3302: 16pcs / 3304R2: 0pcs)



pdficon2 KXR-L2_AssyManual_V_2_0_En.pdf


Sample Project

Zip_icon Hello_KXR-L2(V1.1).zip

Standard sample motion is a project that can be used.


15.12.2018  The manual of ver.2.0 released.



KXR-L2 ヒューマノイド型 Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR-L2 ヒューマノイド型の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットA Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットB Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR Advanced Set A Ver.2の詳細をみる