KXR-L2G Assembly manual (English)

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KXR-L2 Humanoid type with gripper hand mounted. Since the hand opens and closes, it will be possible to grab the light object and carry it. This robot has three KRS-3304R2 on each leg. More stable walking is possible than standard humanoid type.


Servo: 18 axis (3302: 12pcs / 3304R2: 6pcs)

* By installing the gyro sensor KRG-4, more stable walking becomes possible.
Especially when creating a robot with only KRS-3302, please install a gyro.


In Advanced Set A, the high torque KRS - 3304 R2 ICS is used for the joints of the loaded legs.
As a result, high-speed walking is possible with a sample project that can be downloaded from the following.



pdficon2 KXR-L2G_AssyManual_V_2_0_En.pdf  


Sample Project

Zip_icon Hello_KXR-L2G(V1.0).zip

Standard sample motion is a project that can be used.


Zip_icon Hello_KXR-L2G_Battle(V1.1).zip

It is a project capable of high-speed walking making full use of the specification of KRS-3304.




KXR アドバンスセットA Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットB Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットAの詳細をみる KXR Advanced Set A Ver.2の詳細をみる