KXR-L4N Assembly manual (English)

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KXR-L4N Long neck type is a robot combining a dinosaur type neck with a body of a turtle type robot. Since the servo is built in the hand part, opening and closing is possible. You can work like raising and lowering the arm of the neck part and gripping things with the hand. The movement of the sample is based on the type of turtle, but since the weight of the neck is increasing, it has been modified to balance.


Servo: 11 axis (3302: 11pcs / 3304R2: 0pcs)


Manual (Japanese)

pdficon2 KXR-L4N_AssyManual_V_2_0.pdf


Sample Project

Zip_icon Hello_KXR-L4N(V1.0).zip 


KXR アドバンスセットA Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR Advanced Set A Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットB Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットBの詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットAの詳細をみる