KXR-R4LL Assembly manual (English)

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The robot name "LL" stands for Long Legs. Since the servo is contained in the joint of the long leg, you can change the height of the car freely. It is possible to move over obstacles by using this.


Servo: 12 axis (3302: 12pcs / 3304R2: 0pcs)



pdficon2 KXR-R4_AssyManual_V_2_0_En.pdf


Sample Project

Zip_icon Hello_KXR-R4LL(V1.2).zip 

Standard sample motion is a project that can be used.




KXR アドバンスセットA Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットB Ver.2の詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットAの詳細をみる KXR アドバンスセットBの詳細をみる KXR Advanced Set A Ver.2の詳細をみる