KHR-3HV Ver.2 with Li-Fe Battery



<Kit Contents>
  Lightweight aluminum frame
  Control board:  RCB-4
  Servos: KRS-2552RHV ICS 17pcs
  ROBO Power Cell F3-850(Li-Fe)
  Charger BX-201LF
  Dual USB Adapter HS
  Cables, Screws, etc.

<Software operating environment>
  OS: Windows 8.1, 10 
  USB Port(1.1/2.0)
  “Meeting the .NET system requirements to be used.

  401.05(H) x 194.4(w) x 129(D) mm

  about 1500g

CD-ROM including manuals, sample programs etc is not included. Please download from the button below.

Made in Japan

Product Description



[Stable walking]

The KRS-2552RHV servos used in the KHR-3HV have powerful motors and all gears are metal. This gives them strength and rigidity to enable 1.5 kg for stable walking for a humanoid robot.



[Kit contents easy to assemble]

No special tool or technology is required for assembling KHR. Most of the work is completed by just screwing the screwdriver. Assembly is normally completed in 2-3 days but if you are familiar with the assembly, it is possible to build in one day. Assembly manual with detailed explanation is attached.



[Software easy to operate]

Expert knowledge in programming the KHR is not needed. You can easily create motion by simply arranging panels with versatile functions. Most of the work is only mouse operation. Furthermore, using the "teaching function", you can pause the motion directly and program it. Since the kit comes with a lot of sample motions, you can quickly achieve various actions such as; forward movement, backward movement, shoot, punch, greeting, handstand and other basic movements.



[Simple set contents]

This set includes only the parts of the robot body. This is because each person is different in how they will use the robot, so there is an idea that you can respond to diverse needs without paying extra expense for unused parts. Please choose from the variety of optional parts and select your necessary items.

[Various options]

For wireless controllers, sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, various frames, etc. KHR has options to suit the user's needs.


[Characteristics of robot]

Powerful KRS-2552RHV servo

The KRS-2552RHV servo is an all - metal gear specification that supports the output shaft with ball bearings. Maximum torque of 14 kg · cm is outputted, and precise and smooth operation is possible. It is also excellent in durability.


Daisy chain connection

KRS - 2552RHV installed in KHR - 3HV can be connected in a daisy chain. Since servos can be connected with cables, cables can be reduced and wiring can be done cleanly. 


Unique skeleton shape design that can sit deeply

Movement close to human motion is possible with the design that makes the most of the movable range of the servo.


Extensible Dummy servo

By exchanging dummy servo on robot arm and waist with servomotor, axis can be easily increased.


Functional Backpack

Various equipment such as control boards and sensors can be mounted on the backpack. Access is easy with a hatch expression that can be opened and closed with one touch.


Connect robot and PC via USB

By using the Dual USB adapter HS attached to the kit, you can connect with the PC. With this, it is also possible to register motion data created on the PC to the robot, or to operate the robot in real time.